Flat Black Cuda

Wow the first mopas muscle car has mad this site. Here we have what I am guessing is a Murdered out 1973 Cuda? Looks like it to me. If anyone else knows the year as something different please post a comment so I can update this post. Thing looks just perfect. I love it so mean and totally clean . If you got more pics of this ride please please email them to me I want to see it all

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  1. this is actually a Challenger, could be any year 70-74, there isn’t much difference between the years and people often swap the front ends, so it’s anyones guess

  2. what paint did you actually use to paint it this color. because ive been looking for this paint for my truck but im having trouble finding it. if you could please get back at me at my email. thanks

  3. Wow, talk about “murdering” a car. Some dumbass WRECKED a Challenger!
    In fact, every vehicle on this site looks like a dogs ass.
    Who came up with this crap? Oh that figures….someone who knows all about ricers but can’t even tell a Challenger from a Cuda.
    Put yer ballcap on straight, pull up yer pants, learn a few things about style and make a decent paintjob. Christ…..

  4. KC, touché.

    Regardless, I love an orange Charger w/ slicks.
    I also love a slammed, flat black 740iL.

    I agree with the hat/pants suggestion.
    But, Please leave cars in the hands of their owners, unless it involves “spinners”. 😉

    Good looking cars on this site, for exactly their purpose!

  5. I have just one word for the car SICK. Sure everyone loves a classic car with a classic paint job, but I guess not everyone loves one that has a modern spin on it. Well I do. No one should read KC’s post because he has some hate for murdered cars on a site entitled “Murdered Cars”. KC did you come on the site just to punk it? KC why dont you go to East Oakland and say you dont like 24s on Buick, and while your at it learn to type.

    Keep posting pics of really sick cars

  6. Hey, if anyone wants to know, the flatz black kit for cars is sick I just got done doing my second car with it, an audi and mazda mx6 couldn’t be any sicker! Great paint too comes around 65 a quart.

  7. […] Flat Black Cuda | Murdered Cars 22 Jul 2008. Wow the first mopas muscle car has mad this site.. Hey, if anyone wants to know, the flatz black kit for cars is sick I just got done Flat Black Cuda | Murdered Cars […]

  8. Yea flat black on most cars looks great. Isn’t the correct term Matte black though? I think I am not sure either way though the car looks greated blacked out like that.

  9. Does anyone happen to know what kind of rims are on this car?

  10. The Cuda looks amazing. I love these classic type of cars; they have a charm and character that many modern vehicles lack. I like the paint job too!

  11. lol, KC is just like so many of the muscle car freaks nowadays, they get so friggin self righteous about mid 60’s to early 70’s muscle that if anyone so much as changes the air cleaner, they fall into an apocalyptic rage. I’ve had guys accuse me of all sorts of sins for changing my muscle. Hey, to KC and all like him, piss off.
    I’m considering doing my 70 big block SS Camaro flat black, i like this Mopar, alot….

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