2008 Ford F150 Murdered Out

Got this bad ass truck just submitted from a reader. I dig it. Looks super mean.  I would rock this thing for sure

Here are the mods from the reader/owner
2008 Ford F150 Murda Out

Black out tail lights, head lights, and fog lights
Pure blue head lights and fog lights
Cragar saleen black out grill
15% tints all around
35% tint entire windshield
K&N cold air intake
Custom exhaust black powdercoated
Leather bed cover
carpeted bed
black vent visors
Smoked L.E.D. third brake light
37×13.50R20 Nitto Extreme Mud Grapplers
20 inch Black KMC rockstar rims
8 inch Rize Suspension
7 inch touch screen dvd player with GPS
2 10 inch Kicker Comp VX subs
1500.1 mono kicker amp
650 4 channel Kicker amp
RS kicker speakers
Custom light bar
4 Piaa 520 driving lights
2 Piaa 510 driving lights (in fog lights)
custom fog light brackets
Piaa back up lights
Custom sub box
Custom amp rack
Rear seat lift
Rear add-a-leaf
Steel front brake line

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7 Responses to “ 2008 Ford F150 Murdered Out ”

  1. hey i want to clean up the tail lights on my truck where did you get your covers for the rear?

  2. Damn I love those wheels.

    Doesn’t exactly mean those are tailight covers. What I did on my rig (I used to be a paint tech) Was mix black with clear till I liked the darkness, scuffed the tailights with gray scotch bright really good, cleaned them with a wax and grease remover, shot a couple of medium coats, mixed up a batch of regular clear then blasted two coats on the tail lights. Wetsanded and buffed. I noticed that the tail lights might have warped after a few months exposed to the sun but it wasnt much to really notice. Also you can buy some stuff in a can, I think its called VHT Shades. I personnally think this stuff is too dark but i know a lot of people used it

  3. Im loving those rims and tires! How much you think that those cost?

  4. Damn you do a good job with that truck! I love the head and tail light, where did you get it?

  5. that is one vicious looking Ford F-150 truck. Love the black on black look and big tires. Very imposing looking!

  6. One of the best looking F-150 trucks I have ever seen. Nice big tires and sweet rims.

  7. I like the lights on the grille; gives the car a nice aggressive look. Definitely murdered out looking.

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