Kim Kardashian Black Range Rover

Another brand new baby for Kim Kardashian, a 2010 black Range Rover HSE. It has ah 24″ Agetro wheels. It has customized headlights. With grille painted in all black, with the center matches the car and has chrome lips. She must be a lover of customized cars, and this is just one of her hottest car collections. The Jenner-Kardashian clan have each a murdered-out G-Wagon. Then another black car for Kim. Whoa! Where did all her money go? Cars? Bet that. She must have some good taste customizing her cars and she did it very nicely. This is just an addition to her list of cars like Ferrari F430, Bentley Continental GTC, Lamborghini Aventador both she and Kanye own, and a white Ferrari 458.

Kim Kardashian black range rover

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