Dwyane Wade Murdered-Out Jeep

Dwyane Wade posted photo about the weather in Miami also shows his rocking all black jeep. It seems that he…

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Felix Hernandez Murdered-Out Nissan GTR

Aside from his blacked-out Tundra is also rocking this hot murdered-out Nissan GTR.


Kevin Gates Murdered-Out Rolls Royce

Rapper Kevin Gates is rocking his murdered-out Rolls Royce, an addition to his YM cars garage. Isn’t this one cool?…

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Felix Hernandez Toyota Tundra

Felix Hernandez was rocking this hardcore blacked-out Toyota Tundra which would be really best for hide out.

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Mickey Rourke Blacked-Out Bentley

Mickey Rourke seen stepping in at the passenger seat of a murdered-out Bently. It is not confirmed whether it is…

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Scott Disick Murdered-Out Range Rover

Scott Disick tweeted his matte black Range Rover, he was so excited to have it back he said! Take a…

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Justin Bieber Murdered-Out Smart Car

Aside from his other cars Canadian singer Justin Bieber is sporting this all blacked-out smart car.    

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