Blacked-Out Dodge

How about painting your dodge with all black including the wheels?

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Half Murdered Out General Lee

This is crazy. They took a challenger and made it a General Lee then made the front half all murderedout….

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Cassie Blacked Out Dodge Challenger

Check another hot murdered out celebrity car as fabulous as its owner. Cassie may seemed fabulous while partying with other…

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Dodge Viper Murdered Out

This viper kicks ass. I love the red trim and I love it in flat black. I am not sure if this glossy black one


Murdered Out Dodge Neon?

I know this ride is a Dodge but is it a neon? To be honest I am not really up on the different models of these types of cars


Murdered Out Viper

This thing is just plain nasty. Mean in a good way. Id love to hear it idle. The viper is one awesome machine and this one looks killer 14 thumbs up

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