Murdered-Out Car

What car is this?

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Drew Storen Blacked-Out Nissan GTR

Washington Nationals Pitcher Drew Storen murdered-out Nissan GTR 2010.  

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Chad Johnson Murdered-Out Smart Car

Chad Johnson AKA Chad Ochocinco has a collection of extravagant and unique cars. He is a player of Miami Dolphins….

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Lindsay Lohan murdered-out Rolls Royce Phantom

Lindsay Lohan still maintains her high-end living as she stepped out in a classic Rolls Royce Phantom. It was nicknamed…

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Murdered Out Truck

Here we have a nice lifted truck. Cool too see all different types of vehicles getting all murdered out


BMW M5 Murdered

Here is an awesome pic of a BWM M5 being murdered. I love to see before and after pics

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Murdered Out Cars

Welcome to the all new blog for everything about Murdered Out Cars the term seemed to have been started with Rob and Big and meant a car that was painted flat black and was generally blacked out. Now it seems to crossed over to the mainstream and its coverting all types of black cars with black rims and dark tint.