Black Smart Car

Anyone can tell what model is this? Cool ride.

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Murdered-Out Jeep Wrangler Sahara

Check out this murdered-out Jeep Wrangles, this one is really nicely painted with black. This jeep costs approximately £35,875 that…

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Murdered-Out Car

What car is this?

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Drew Storen Blacked-Out Nissan GTR

Washington Nationals Pitcher Drew Storen murdered-out Nissan GTR 2010.  

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Chad Johnson Murdered-Out Smart Car

Chad Johnson AKA Chad Ochocinco has a collection of extravagant and unique cars. He is a player of Miami Dolphins….

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Lindsay Lohan murdered-out Rolls Royce Phantom

Lindsay Lohan still maintains her high-end living as she stepped out in a classic Rolls Royce Phantom. It was nicknamed…

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Murdered Out Truck

Here we have a nice lifted truck. Cool too see all different types of vehicles getting all murdered out